We are the only exporter and importer to ship small business craft beverages between the United Kingdom and North America.


Buy our beer for your venue, whether it’s a store, bar, restaurant, festival or any size event.


We promote your brand within the UK through our distribution network, special events and online.


Consumers can purchase directly through our E-Commerce platform.


  • Early Summer 2019

    World of Beer

    Steiner and Mike, from the UK, visited a bar in Columbus Ohio for a business trip. They were amazed by the 50+ taps offering beer from so many local breweries, something they'd never seen anywhere in the UK.

  • Late Summer 2019

    Return to America

    After several return trips, the idea was born: Bring this beer adventure to the rest of the world, and share craft beer from the USA and Canada.

  • October 2019


    The Craft Guys Trading Company was formed in the UK.

  • November 2020

    First Shipment

    The first shipment of beer from the Back Forty Beer Company out of Gadsden, Alabama was sent to the UK.

  • May 2021

    American Founding

    The Craft Guys Trading Company was formed in the US.

  • Cheers
    To The


Steiner Roberts

Co-Founder, CEO

We call him Steineey. Craft Guys was born out of his passion for finding the best craft beer and sharing it with as many people as possible. Ask him about it next time you see him sat at the bar as he loves talking about it! His favorite style of beer is a clear West Coast IPA or a crisp Pilsner.

Mike Shemeld

Co-Founder, CFO

Mikey got hooked on craft beer whilst travelling to the US on business. Now, his obsession is to share what he finds with as many beer lovers and aficionados as possible. His favorite style is a West Coast IPA, Black IPA and a solid Porter.

Jason Cooper

President North America Operations

Cooper is where the North America Development happens. From Ohio, Cooper is an advocate of good craft beer and likes most styles, but his firm favorite is a New England IPA and all things hazy. Well, we all can’t be perfect I guess.

Laura Eft

North America Buying Representative

Laura is a momma and a beer lover with a passion for discovering the best beers out there. U.S. craft beer and spirits are more than just our favorite drinks, they are the product of an authentic and passionate community. Her years of management and restaurant experience lead her here and she is incredibly proud to be part of this community. Her palate is rather eclectic, but loves New England IPAs and sour beers.

Sandie Roberts

Branding and Marketing

Sandie has a wealth of experience and knowledge in branding & marketing, having worked with many household names. Being a coeliac, her options are limited with beer and gets over excited when we find a new gluten free beer!